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Recent Customer Testimonials

Kathy Semrick, Elburn, IL

"We LOVE this paper cutter! As a small library we feel that we should save money where ever possible. This paper cutter has already saved us money in the staff time it takes to cut huge volumes of paper into bookmarks, handouts, and the multitude of cutting jobs that our library performs daily."

Jaclyn Anderson, Natick, MA

"I own a small print shop designing wedding invitation cards. I had a stack cutter and was looking for a spare one. I purchased a QCM cutter. I love it..."

Tracy Moore, Santa Barbara, CA

"I have been in the printing business for over 20 years. This is a very nice cutting machine, precise, powerful, and very compact... "

Alfredo Higgins, Harrisonburg, VA

"Awesome product. Nice precision paper cutter. It increases my productivity many many folds. It makes my life a lot easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you..."

Julie Hutton, Greensboro, NC

"I work for a daycare center. We write parent notes to each parent everyday. Ever since we bought the stack paper cutter, life is so good. I love the time of cutting the notes. It used to take me hours a week to prepare the notes. Now it takes me less than two minutes. It's amazing... "

Denise Carron, Longbranch, WA

"Super heavy duty. Excellent product. The best cutter I have ever seen."

Anthony Brauner, Woodhaven, NY

"Perfect, fabulous cutter. Why didn't I order sooner? Thank you for your great services."

Bruce Hofer, Hillsboro, OR

"This machine is no toy! I love this cutter! It has saved me time and money already! Thanks."

Nicole Blair, Miami Lakes, FL

"The machine is awesome. It cuts paper stacks like a hot knife through butter."

Patrick L. Sexton, Chatham, NJ

"I am extremely satisfied with the cutter."

Fred Morrow, New York, NY

"I am a UPS store owner. This is a killer cutter. It's a real deal. The cutter fits our needs perfectly. We love it. "

Product Reviews and Reports

Bestcovery   QCM-8200M won Bestcovery's Best Heavy-Duty Paper Cutter award. "If your office has to cut or trim large stacks of paper, the best reasonably-priced heavy-duty tool is the QCM-8200M Heavy-duty Desktop Stack Paper Cutter."

Lets Blog Office   "With either of these QCM stack cutters, they're roughly the same price as a guillotine, but can handle about 10 times the amount of paper at a time - that's 300 sheets compared to 30 or so sheets at once with a guillotine of equal cost."

MC TOOLS   "This is by far the best price... As far as the cutter goes, it is perfect..."

Content for Reprint   "The Heavy Duty Cutter is a quality manual stack cutter.... It has a cutting capacity of up to 1.5 inches and blade length (the max width of paper it will cut) is 12 inches. The machine is close in price to many guillotine cutters and can handle about 10 times as much paper at once... QCM offers lifetime warranties to the original purchaser on all their stack cutters."

Word Press   "We got the machine, which seems to be the de facto letterpress paper cutter for anyone born after the Summer of Love... Everything we eat from now on will be sliced so thin you can see through it. Now I know how Cosmo felt with his meat slicer."

Tools & Hardware   "...."


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